Outpost | Taste NYC's best, without leaving your neighborhood.

Taste NYC’s best, without leaving your neighborhood.

We bring NYC’s most iconic restaurants to your neighborhood, so you can experience the best of the city’s food scene - just steps away from home.

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How it works


We curate the best and tastiest restaurants in NYC


We pop-up at coffee shops and bars in your neighborhood, rotating restaurants every week


You choose your outpost experience: takeout, delivery, or dine-in

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Our restaurant partners are featured in...


A few of our restaurant partners

Win a free meal if a restaurant you nominate ends up popping up in your neighborhood!

Why you'll love us

We keep things interesting

Out with the “same old, same old.” We rotate restaurants at every outpost weekly, so something new to love is always around the corner.

We bring you the best

You’ve got good taste, and so do we. We obsess over quality, flavor, and freshness. When you eat with us, you know it’s gonna live up to the hype.

We are fuss free

We make the process of getting good food as convenient as a walk around the block. No treks across the city or fights for reservations required.


All on one platform

See the schedule, order ahead, customize your dishes, pay in one click, and more.

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A note from our founders

Born from a desire to see the heroes of the local food scene thrive, we created Outpost to give restaurants new opportunities for success and to share the joy of an unforgettable meal.

Since then, we’ve built a team comprised of former chefs, restaurant owners, early employees of Uber Eats, and tech experts to bring you a whole new kind of pop-up experience.

- Shen & Dennis

Want to partner with us?

If you’re a restaurant looking to pop-up across the city or venue interested in becoming an outpost location - we’d love to chat!

Frequently asked questions

When and where is Outpost launching?

Our first outposts are launching in the Upper East Side on May 8th, and many more will be coming soon. Sign up now to let us know where to bring Outpost next and stay up to date!

How often will a restaurant stay at an outpost before it is rotated out?

Restaurants will pop up at an outpost for one week before we rotate in a new restaurant.

Will outposts offer dine-in, delivery, and pickup?

Outposts usually offer limited dine-in seating, as well as delivery and pickup options. Availability may vary depending on the location and cuisine type.

Is the Outpost menu the same as that of the restaurants original location?

We work closely with the restaurant to bring you a curated and tasty menu, usually featuring their signature or most unique dishes.

I have more questions - where can I get help?

You can reach us at support@eatoutpost.app!

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